Where will the Q&A event take place?

Hello folks,

I can’t find any information regarding their upcoming Q&A session. Where can I watch it?


There is a notification on ageofempires.com at the top that can also take you there.

They removed the q&a part from the notification though… kinda disappointing. Might still be a q&a I guess.


Twitch Its on.

That was underwhelming.


  • Nest of bees OP has been fixed
  • Villagers not showing amount of resources carried has been fixed
  • Other balance changes here and there
  • Absolutely nothing said about the open beta
  • No real questions from the forums addressed
  • No new footage or details about the game

Thanks for the brief.


That was indeed disappointing to hear, it’s like they had a bigger plan but at the last minute changed it to a shorter Q&A session.

Thanks for the update.

I reeeeeeally hope they do a Q&A session just for beta testers. I think we’ve earned it.

The most interesting thing for me is the response to closed beta and surveys, and I don’t expect it anytime around start/end up the next beta.
I think it’s a shame we didn’t get normal, longer gameplay with commentary, but it potentially can be a good thing- they might acknowledge some important changes that might happen/are in the works after closed beta, and having that gameplay on older build is less than ideal.

It’s not great situation time-wise because how close we are to release but hey… HALO was delayed 1year and they are cutting features on top of that (or rather delaying them after launch) so I wouldn’t be surprised to hear about a lot of changes postponed after release.

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