Where would you most like to see new civs from in the future?

Example civs in brackets. Choose up to 8 options.

  • Eastern Europe (Serbs, Croats, Vlachs)
  • Western/Central Europe (Swiss)
  • Southern Europe (Venetians)
  • West Africa (Yoruba, Songhai, Hausa, Kanembu)
  • East Africa (Nubians, Somalis)
  • Southern Africa (Kongolese, Swahili, Zimbabweans)
  • Middle East + North Africa (Yemeni, Vandals)
  • Caucasus/West Asia (Georgians, Khazars, Alans)
  • South Asia/India (Bengalis, Tamils, Kannads, Sinhalese)
  • East Asia (Jurchen, Tibetans, Khitans)
  • South-East Asia (Tais, Chams)
  • Oceania (Polynesians, Micronesians)
  • North America (Mississippians, Haudenosaunee, Puebloans)
  • Mesoamerica (Tarascans, Zapotecs, Tlaxcaltecs)
  • South America (Muisca, Chimu, Mapuche)
  • Other
  • None

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