Wheres Random Civ

No Random Civ, What if I want to be surprised. What if I want be able to practice using civs in varied contexts without picking one for a certain map. What if I want to randomise my computer opponents.

Random Civ should be part of the game, no reason to not include it.


Just like 30 other basic features that have been mentioned here and are missing. I guess the target audience might get confused and lost because of all ‘dem options’.
You give players the ability to choose their own colour - next thing they might accidentally format their system partition.


Because people are busy playing tutorials and campaigns now. When most of them shifted to skirmish or pvp, these would have been patched (hopefully).

Yeah I just don’t understand it. It didn’t show up in AOE3 until the definitive edition. I really thought since they finally added it to that game that they wouldn’t leave it out of this game.


i really would like to have the option to choose random civ, its fun sometimes to not know as what you will play.


I agree, but would put this at the very bottom of the priority list since you can easily randomize it yourself with an RNG using 1-8.

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But there are way to few civs.
Is it 8 or somthing. way to bad

What does this have to do with what we are talking about at all?

In all previous age games when I played skirmish I could select random civs and random maps. I really enjoyed that option as I never knew what I was going to get and made the games more exciting. Age 4 does not allow you to do that which makes the games predictable because I have to select my civ and which map I want to play on. Why has random civs/maps missing?

Have I missed something here and just can’t see the settings? I guess I could download an app that picked random numbers for me to choose the civs and maps but just wish the random options were in the game. Seems like a downgrade to me.

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Perhaps it’s just me but I’ve not seen a random civ / map select in custom vs AI games.

Am I missing something?
Seems odd to miss such an obvious feature otherwise?

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