Which architecture would you give Mountains civs?

If Georgians and Armenians changes their building set, which ones would you pick?

  • Eastern European
  • Middle Eastern
  • Central Asian
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Neither of the choices. They need a new Byzantine style architecture like the Byzantines.


Georgians cuman set Armenians middle eastern.Both will stil get fortified church so looking islamic is fixed.

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I don’t think the number of civilisations that use the same architecture set matters at all.
It’s completely irrelevant.
The only thing that matters is that every civilisation has the architecture set that matches the best.
The Mediterranean set it the closest to Armenian and Georgian architecture of all the sets in the game so it makes the most sense to use that if you can’t add a new set.

It’s an awful idea to give civilisations a completely wrong architecture just to get the numbers right.
They did that in AoE1 (and RoR again) where they are too obsessed with spreading the civilisations equally.
Why do Assyrians have a different architecture set then Babylonians despite being close neighbours sharing the same culture and religion?

And of course the Persian problem but in this case the set that everyone want’s them to use only has 2 civilisations in it while the set they are currently in has 3 other civilisations.


None of these are options. They need a new set.


I think the original post wants to ask which architecture looks the most similar to Caucasian style. But people are replying with a demand for a new architecture which doesn’t serve the purpose of original post.

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But the original post doesn’t include the Mediterranean set.
Which is by far the most fitting one.
They just want to change it purely because the number of civilisations is too high.


How’s this?


Something more unique would be better.

That looks pretty nice actually.
I kinda like that it just uses AoE1 towers.


I would prefer towers that are more Georgian.

Georgia should get unique towers.
Byzantines and Georgians can get those.

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If anyone interested in getting reskinned architecture mods (as they preserve destruction animation) then you can connect with it’s author @Kandanat / Cheran#8726 (discord) / u/geopoliticsdude (reddit). He has the sprites for different architectures, if you know how to import the sprites into game then you can collaborate with him to get them ingame. Here are some more stuff from him:


The Byzantine style architecture set should include Bulgarians too, right?


Why are you asking this to me as if I am going to implement this into the game?

I had thought you are the creater or ralated to the mod.

I just think the Byzantine style architecture set should include not only Byzantines, Armenians, Georgians, but also Bulgarians.


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