Which are actually the filetypes allowed?

.aoe2scenario, .png, wav, .json, .xaml, .aoe2campaign, txt, .ai, .per, .per2

Which more? How about avi?

Is there a way to know which are the offending files?

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add png/dds to list as well and some other related to color stuff

@DodoNotDoDo do you know of a list?

Those are all allowed. If you’re getting an error trying to publish a mod it’s usually either hidden desktop.ini files (change show system files setting in windows explorer to view/delete them) or you’re accidentally zipping up a previous zip of the mod. Those are the two most common I see.


Only after I had deleted some wav files I could upload the mod

Is .def allowed? In particular, random_map.def.

Odd, wav files should be allowed.

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I saw your other message on this. It’s not currently allowed, but I’m checking with the devs on whether there’s any issues in allowing it. I’ll let you know when I hear back.