Which civ bonus would make a winning civilization?

Which civ bonus would make a winning civilization?

  • All town center technologies including age up costs 33% less food.
  • All economy buildings including town center cost 33% less wood.

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Imagine, a civ has only one of the civ bonuses and a full tech tree. The game is played on Arabia. Which civ will win?

Town Center technologies: Loom, Feudal age, Wheel barrow, Town watch, castle age etc.
Economy Buildings: Town Center, Dock, Mill, Lumber camp, Mining camp and Market

-33% food for aging up sounds pretty broken. So I chose this one for the winning civ.
-33% wood is a way more balanced bonus that I could see working for a new civ.

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One should bear in mind that the Britons have cheaper TCs but imagine stacking that with cheaper farms, and easier market walls. The Britons as they are are a far cry from being broken, but the farms would easily push it over.

Farms not included. 20 chars.

1st dock and tc need to be excluded otherwise it might be a little too strong on nomad paired with a good tech tree.

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I think both are strong bonuses, but I’m favouring the wood discount. It’s Britons, Vikings, Saracens, Japanese all rolled into one.

Food discount is basically just Burgundians and Italians (minus gold savings) together.

Wood saving is also scalable, whereas food discounts are static. You’re going to be building new TCs, new Docks, new Camps all the time, you’re only teching once.

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Yup! By observing the new patch, we see devs have sought to make all civs start similar like Lithuanians, Malians, Spanish losing the nomad start bonuses. But why the docks? If the bonus was 25%, can first docks be discounted?