Which civ needs to be buffed the most? [Poll]

Well, as I understand you wanted a buff, we told it’s fine and it’s useful in ever age. We didn’t mentioned to nerf or touch it. You wanted a economic buff for Saracens and we want to hear what you want to buff.


No, not specifically eco bonus, Saracens need something at least for their UT (Madrasah) and need to make a discount on their Mameluke gold cost, and i don’t mind too to give them some discounts/buffs in their military or eco upgrades, like giving the heavy camels 50% discount upgrade or lumbercamps/blacksmith/stabel upgrades 25%-50% cheaper (i mean one of these things not all of them)

Yes, but in the late stages of the game, getting ~5 extra gold for a sale is a huge economy bonus if the gold is dry. It’s 10/25% more gold, which is very competitive with some of the better gold bonuses in the game. Sure, that specifically kicks in late, but having a more efficient market all game helps in small bits here and there that simply doesn’t show up the way some other things might.

It’s easy to underestimate the bonus like that, but I assure you, it’s putting in massive work.

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I don’t like this suggestion, you can put other bonuses like cheap or free camel upgrades as you mentioned, but Mamelukes are quality unit. People don’t see this unit too much, I sometimes play CBA so I see it. If Mamelukes loses a lot of gold cost, we will see new thread(s) about nerfing Mamelukes. Maybe they aren’t that great against Archers and Infantry, but they can destroy Cavalry and Pierce armour units in seconds (ranged makes Steppe Lancer effect).

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Mamelukes have 85 gold cost, which is the highest gold cost for military unit in the game, i don’t see a problem if we make it 75 gold at least, i don’t think they will be broken especially this unit need castles to mass and create

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That unit is just garbage. Agree.

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Why not a bar graphic? And why not multiple choice? Really difficult to read the results. I anyway, Italians, indians, spanish and burmese need love. The first 2 work only in very specific roles, but suck in pretty much else. The later 2 have an UU that carries them. And arambai is op

Except Mango, Treb, BBC, CG.

The unit is absurd, what are you on about? There’s a reason it costs so much gold. Have you ever used the Mameluke? E. Skirm + Mameluke literally counters every unit in the game. I have no idea how you could even begin to think that the Mameluke is anything other than fantastic.


Siege Tower deserves some love.

I don’t know him but I used them especially in CBA, they are great against melee units except too much melee armour (like Teutonic Knights).

Looking at Elephants, Tarkans, Keshiks etc when they are dying immediately while there is nearly no Mameluke loss feels bad.

BTW What is “CBA” :stuck_out_tongue:?

Castle Blood Automatic: (4v4 team game) You start with 4 Castles, each Castle generate Unique unit of your civ (that’s why always we play random civ). You need to kill enemy to advance next age and raze buildings to get villager. You mustn’t lose all of your castles and you have 4 towers and 3 gates undeletable. (If you delete you will be defeated). You have a Blacksmith and a University for free.

Also there is one exception; Khmer Ballista Elephant too OP so Khmer has Battle Elephant with Tusk Swords. A version had Ballista Elephant but significantly nerfed (it was worse than scorpion).

If i remember correctly you can create Tarkans and Huskarls from Stables/Barracks in Imp or they will die immediately.

For more information: https://ageofempires.fandom.com/wiki/Castle_Blood_Automatic

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Wow seems nice and funny, i have never heard about this mode, is this mode new in the game? Where can i find it?

Yes. We see how Mamelukes counter everything in KoTD, BoA2, Serious Showmatches and 2v2 WC. That unit is just completely garbage and never seen. It’s countered by 2/3 of trash units, siege and every ranged unit.

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It’s scenario, I have played it from HD but I think it is from Voobly first. You can search it from mods, they are a lot of versions I think CBA requiem or something like that had original (classic) rules. They are ton of versions, even not like CBA (I hate CBA kingTe edition because it has nothing with CBA).

It’s about chance (like having Teutons when all of enemies have archer civ) and you can practice your micro skills and knowledge of unique units.

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Like Cavalry Archers, Mangudai. It is arguable because of Parthian Tactics.

Siege counters everything, even your units and siege. You don’t need to mention that. Even a group of Bombard Cannon’s can be countered by Onagers if they can shot a fire.

That’s why WoelsToWho suggested Skirmisher support.

Excuse me but couldn’t you choose a better colors more than those to see the votes ?:stuck_out_tongue:

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Saracens are a semi-rare pick.

In addition, the unit is expensive.

As a result, it murders every melee unit in the game, bar practically none. It has the mobility to snipe siege and the HP to survive a bit of bad micro against them. The only unit to add to make the unit absolutely flat-out game deciding broken is Skirms.

A massed skirm and Mameluke army has no counter. It flatly beats every manageable composition. The VERY limited list of civs that can handle such a composition are either extremely expensive as well (Cataphract+Trash) or civ specific (Genoese+Hussar). The only restriction to this army is it’s cost and it is damn necessary at 85 gold and to claim otherwise is nonsense.

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Halb+Siege Onager easily kill that combo with some Redemption+Block Printing Monks.

This counters everything except… The Bombard Cannon! Saracens has bombard cannons.

I don’t think it’s good support in late game when a lot of Skirms can snipe unarmoured monks.

That is why I’ve written Monks.

Also you never get to that composition.

Halbs in the front, SO in the middle, Monks in the back. This is the Teuton army composition that is unbeatable on Arena expect Britons.