Which Civ would best represent Finns/Estonians?

We don’t have the Finns and Estonians as a civ yet.

Would you pick current civs Slavs, Lithuanians, Magyars, or Vikings to represent the Finns/Balts?

Why do they need to be represented as civilisations in aoe2 context? Finland and Estonia are unique nation-states in our times, but in the medieval era Finns and Estonians were tribal societies and later (after the Baltic crusades) just the peasant population living in areas controlled (and heavily influenced) by other civilizations. At least that is my layman understanding of history.

Teutons for Estonians and Vikings for Finns if you’re looking at who ruled their territory for most of their (medieval) history.

Magyars for both if you’re looking solely at the linguistic group they belong to.

Lithuanians for Estonians if you take the civ as a generic Balts umbrella.


Well, sometimes people want to make custom campaigns about the Baltic Crusades, perhaps. This isn’t a civ suggestion or design, by the way. Why not represent medieval history from this small corner of the world?

Vikings for the Öeselians, Lithuanians maybe for the Estonians, Teutons for who was invading.

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