Which civilization should get a "Stone Mines last X% longer" bonus?

For the purposes of this discussion, the Mayans don’t count since they make all resources last longer. Tatars have this for herdables, and Malians have this for Gold Mines, so I think a civilization with longer-lasting Stone Mines could definitely work. It’d be a good bonus for those who want to make more Castles, towers, TC’s, etc.

But the big question is, should this be added to an already existing civ, or should it be reserved for a new one? I’ve heard some people suggest that Incas or Sicilians should get this, but would it be appropriate for either of them? Or should it be given to a different civilization?

I guess it would be redundant for Incas since they already save stone. Maybe it would fit koreans, being the classic tower civ and being more dependant in their unique unit unlike other civs.


I think Mayans count.
And Incas and Frank also have that basically also.

Koreans definitely need a buff. But they are already have fast stone mining bonus. Maybe its best reserved for a new civ.

Slav unique tech pretty much is this too

Should be reserved for new civ imo.


Yes, some civ that had a lot to do with mining or that is a mountain civ…

Not exactly known for mining stone or living in mountains (albeit on a plateau), but a Shona civ would fit the bill for their somewhat dramatic use of stone.


Until castle, tower dropping is fixed ideally the answer is none of them.

Tower and Castle dropping is fine due to it being risky. If your attempt gets attacked and fails, you’ll have wasted a considerable amount of time gathering Stone and also idled your Villagers for a long time (i.e. them walking across the map) rather than having them gather resources. There are plenty of matches where someone has tried to Castle-drop the enemy, botches it, and then resigns because they fell too far behind economically.

Check this play by Mbl against Hera: Best Defense of 2020! Aztecs vs Britons - YouTube

It’s a perfect example of a Castle drop going wrong.

I would argue if the devs add the Benin Kingdom (or the Edo as a big umbrella) they would probably be a great, as apparently Ubini (named as Benin by Portuguese travellers) had the largest walls and ditch defense complex in the world at the time, some say much more massive than the Great Wall of China.


The civ with this bonus should need a lot of castles in the late game, since the close stone mines don’t run out in castle age under normal use, so it doesn’t help with tower rush and FC UU strategies.

I’m going to assume it’s fine for Georgians. Their UU will most likely be some kind of strong infantry or cavalry, so this will require building a few more castles in the imperial age to train them.

Look at Port, Spanish, Turkish WR on Arena and tell me that with a straight face.

Sorry. Not trying to be rude or anything. Been passionate about this topic for over a year now

If it were really risky in a way that mattered, it wouldn’t be the go-to strategy.

Thematically it would fit best to the Teutons but they clearly don’t need a buff.

But a new bonus could always replace an old one. Maybe give the Farm bonus to someone else that needs it more.

I think Koreans need a different Tower bonus in late game, like replacing parts of the cost with Wood.