Which civilizations would you like to see renamed?

I’ve created a couple of simple text mods renaming civilizations in the game to more proper or accurate ones.

Mayans to Maya

Britons to English

These mods affect what the civilizations are called in the game interface’s text. For example, this is what the civilization selector looks like with both the above mods installed:

Are there any other civilizations in the game you would like to see renamed in a mod? (I know the Indians will soon become Hindustanis in an upcoming DLC.)


Slavs to Ruthenians please

Teutons to Germans maybe

Vikings to Norse

Franks to French

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I was thinking this too, but the problem is that the Vlad campaign uses the civilization named Slavs to represent Wallachia. Would Ruthenia or Rus’ really cover the Wallachians? I thought they were more related to the Russians and Ukrainians than to southern Slavs.

Ethnically they are more similar to Turks and Georgians than slavs

But aren’t the Slavs still being used to represent Wallachia in the campaign? If we’re going to rename the Slavs to Ruthenians, you would be playing Ruthenians under the guise of Wallachians.

Italians could be renamed to Lombards.

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