Which civs from Late Antiquity (3rd-5th centuries) do you think should be added to the game?

Each player’s age is indicated in the bottom right corner…

I dont look at those and pretty sure its easier to just look at the building to figure out the current age.same with units easier to identify with graphic than reading the name.

The issue we debated is where you cut the timeline.
If you don’t include the 3rd century in aoe2 for example you would need to add goths in Ror too. It’s not necessarily a bad thing but it feels pointless since Ror is already so similar to aoe2 you would end up basically having the same civ twice.
For example I’d keep Huns in aoe2 and add only Xiongnu for aoe1 because they were operating in China a little earlier, from late BC era to the 2nd century AD. So not again Huns in Ror, to diversify a bit.
As for Germans Marcomanni for example could be added in aoe1 (Marcus Aurelius times) and after 200 AD circa massive migrations of franks, goths, heruli, alemans etc are already in aoe2 territory I’d say (again unless you’d want to duplicate civs just because of that damn 3rd century and damn Palmyrans already being a chronologically isolated civ in Ror, only civ starting in AD era lol).