Which Civs have the best 'special feature'?

I’ll say Aztec’s. You put ten Warrior Priests on the community plaza and you get crazy fast home shipments, unit production fast, super-charged attack. It’s crazy good.

And Italians. You get free buildings with the Architect? And free villagers every time you research something. Free buildings AND villagers, how can you beat that?

Which are your favorite special features?

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La habilidad de producir aldeanos en lotes de 3 por parte de los Rusos esta muy OP, literal tienen que nerfeaer su inicio para que no rompan early


Ha ha ha, all 4 natives can do that, better now thanks to healers, being aztecs stronger by just 5 dancers, a ridicoulous difference while chimu runners have better stats with less.

In the last patch devs nerfed WP train time and, in the previous one they removed the effect of dueling school over them. Also fertility dance is less powerfull on villagers, becoming their boom tedious.

That was their only feature that practically has dissapeared.

They need something else cause neither their economy is better as lakota get coins from infinite hunting and Haudenosaune can reach 120 villagers plus a cow boom (that also gives coins). The best part: both get fur trade.

And well, tepees. they do everything: boost HP, attack, rate of fire, gather rates, training speed and can be built around the map with infantry, they are #worse than flags. Add their WC to the formula if it’s not enough.

For me the best special feature is the infinite shipment of zouaves, an autowin card on treaty.


Hausa gets free cows. Cows!!!

Dutch banks for simple. Or USA card system for complex.

I would say that the Italian architects and swedes torps are among the best unique features, because it force you to make decisions and rewards them.

African cattle market is also nice and unique.