Which DLC will East Rome be included?

Just wondering since it’s in AOE2 at the very first beginning.

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I think a dlc on Anatolia… with Byzantine and Ottomans

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We can just wait and see.

The Byzantiones and the some kind of Turkish/Ottoman civilisation are for sure the highest requested my the community, even before Japanese and “Vikings” (Danes).
So I’d expect them rather sooner than later.
It doesn’t mean they have to be the first DLC though. Depending on their DLC strategy they might make a single Civilisation DLC first that can be unlocked for free like they did with the USA for AoE3. That increases activity a lot and is a good marketing tool while most people will still just buy the DLC instead if doing challenges for a month.

But I think we can expect 2x the price for DLCs in AoE4 compared to AoE2/3DE so maybe that won’t happen.
The USA DLC was 5€ and I think in AoE4 that could be 10€ instead. But still doesn’t rule out a unlockable DLC completely.
The USA DLC could be unlocked completing 30 challenges. They unlocked one challenge every day and you could do max 3 per day.
So you had to play on 10 different days and you had to wait at last 1 months after the release of the DLC.
You could easily do 3 of those challenges in an hour, so it’s kinda like making 50 cents an hour. If the DLC was 10€ that would still just be 1€. Most people just bought it I assume.
Well you also got profile icons that you couldn’t buy so there is something to motivate even people that bought the DLC to do the challenges.

I think a lot of things they did with the definitive editions was a test for AoE4 or just mechanics the Forgotten Empires team saw and liked.

I’d like them to make the byzantine empire have two different play styles one being the Western part of the Catholic religion speaking Latin and the other play style being the Eastern part of the byzantine empire being more Christianity religion with a Greek speaking language and that has its own bonuses and landmarks.

That way you respect both sides of the byzantine empire and being truthful to history as well. Can also create interesting gameplay options.

What Western parts are you referring to?
By 1100 AD they had lost their Italian processions.

The Byzantines were essentially Greek. Basically everything was done in Greek.
The “Latin Empire” was something the Western European powers tired to enforce but ultimately failed.

They were way past their former glory during the times of AoE4.

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Basically I just want them to stay true to history and not forget it’s greek roots.

It was in fact very silly that they spoke Latin in AoE2.
I hope they will use Greek in AoE4.

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Same here. But for some reason the Greeks are getting forgotten and everyone thinks it was just a roman Latin empire which isn’t true. So if they doesn’t do their research then it will be Latin sad but true.