Which mission/s from previous AoE games would You like to see reworked in AoE4?

Mainly from AoE2, because of Medieval setting, but it can be from other AoE games too

I would like to have “Chinese lake” mission from AoE2 definitive edition historical battles (it was not in original AoE2)

It is very interesting mission, and would be even better with AoE4 mechanics, and AoE4 does not have proper “naval mission” in SG campaigns

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I would like to see historical battles for sure. Wish they add one of those every now and then.

They did just add 2 new Art of War missions so that’s nice.

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One of the Sundjata scenarios in AoE II is virtually identical to one of the Roman missions from AoE I, and in I DE one of the final Roman scenarios has been remapped so that it uses the same map as the one in Attila the Hun 5.
I wouldn’t mind seeing a map be taken from either of the two games and used in a campaign in IV. It would be interesting to see, and a decent lesson on how you can upscale maps from other games and recreate them here.

Personally, I’d like to see one from Barbarossa be taken, maybe from the first or third scenarios. It would make for a neat homage, especially if it’s used in a Holy Roman Empire campaign.


Barbarossa missions would be cool,
I would like also to play mentioned Sundjata (Malian campaign) in AoE4 with actual Malian/African units , I do not like how non-european civilisations have european units in AoE2.

From original AoE2 campaigns, I would like to see missions from Genghis Khan, I think it tells story of Mongolian conquest better than AoE4 campaign,

I would like to see mission, where player must use monks properly , like hittie mission 1 in AoE1 demo campaign

The William Wallace campaign as a hommage would be nice

Do You mean Original tutorial campaign like is in AoE2?
Or reworked into proper missions? I can imagine the last 2 missions to be reworked as “normal missions”