WHich monk is the most durable?

Which one would survive the best under attack, the Aztec monk? or the Slavic monk?

How is this even a contest? Unless you’re getting attacked by skirms, spears, or unupgraded TC/tower fire, I’m pretty sure the Aztec monk wins every time.

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In post imperial age with all the upgrades, but what about castle age? which is most cost effective?

most the time when i play 1v1 i dont make it to the point where i spend all that gold upgrading to fully get all the hp from the aztec’s monk

in castle age with few techs you mean? what about no tech at all?

yeah castle age with whatever techs you can upgrade then

Fully upgraded Aztecs Monks with 95 Hit Points, along with a Byzantines ally so that the Monks heal each other more quickly. Healing makes a huge difference once Monks are massed.


Rather than going for Armour/Hitpoints, go for amassing the monks. It works much better for conversion as well as healing.

I’ll try that, i’ll image i would have to hoard all the gold on the 1v1 maps. These changes in maps are cruddy, feel like there’s less gold on these maps.

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Saracen monks after Madrasah research can save gold to some extent.

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Never seen slavs doing monks, I dont know.

Slavs vs non attonement civs doing fi monk treb is really strong.

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Don’t forget byz monks, in a large group after converting, they can tank lightcav hits considerably longer than standard monks due to the team bonus.

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