Which of these were your favorite nation in AGE2?


Do you agree that Age of Empires was the best game ever made? Let me know which was your favorite nation.


No love for Teutons or Turks? :frowning:


Had to choose the Byzantines. Its where the original scrolls of the Ancient text of the Bible first was translated from the Israeli area, not Egyptian area, where the modern text is from. The Byzantines text came from Israel and numbers over 5000 scrolls and they all agree with each other and all are written from different followers of Jesus and Rabbis, where as the Egyptian text, is only 50 scrolls and they conflict with each other.


@CordedGorilla81 said:
Do you agree that Age of Empires was the best game ever made? Let me know which was your favorite nation.

WOW, 60% for Britons! :love:


The almighty Britons, off course.


Thank you all for the feedback!!:slight_smile:


Out of these definitely the Mongols. Nothing says “die for my victory” like mounted archers and super fast rams demolishing everything while the enemy is eating hussar salad. I’ve also got a soft spot for the Byzantines. Their two shining knight units just go beautifully well together. Too bad about the price tag of massing and upgrading both. Their tech tree is quite complete and some nice fortifications are always good for falling back on when needed. They were my favorite at some point during my younger years, and I kind of switched to mongols when revisiting the game later, the hunting bonus is precisely the kind of thing you want to get good at using, and the focus on lighter types of cavalry where you can’t brute-force as much was a nice challenge to my completely undeveloped (and still quite unadvanced) playstyle.

And from the (newer) expansions I love the Berbers. They are good at pretty much anything cavalry (camel archers count as cavalry archers for this purpose, the normal stable based cavalry archers aren’t that good because the Berbers miss parthian tactics), except for late imperial heavy cav. (The Berbers get cheaper cavalry in the castle and imperial age, but they miss the paladin upgrade, so while anything they field is a pretty good value for the resources it costs, it’s not as good an investment of pop space, so they’re going to be vulnerable in the “full pop still on gold” phase of the game.) Without that big mainstay option you really start to consider all the other options you have. And the genitour are basically just awesome. Missing parthian tactics from which they can benefit is made by an ally, but still awesome. Too bad they kind of suck in practice like trash units generally do, but at the right point in the game, just pump them out and send them into the trade, or the farms or something. And one of their coolest features is their auto-micro. The minimum range in combination with their speed means they’ll automatically sort of kite infantry that’s attacking them. And the limited maximum range means they’ll line up in front of other more expensive cavalry archer type units. Way cooler than camel archers overall, just not as strong.


japan till the end. man i loved crushing other peoples castle units


those new DLC nations really pack some punch


Persians for Elephants, I LOVE elephants :slight_smile:


I vote Japanese because they have the best infantry. The only real counter to them are onagers and Brit longbows. I’ve also had a hard time with Japanese against Mongols and Malian or Ethiopian slingers, even then the infantry attack bonus makes up for it.

Second up for me are the Byzantines and Franks. There are games where Byzantine mounted units just roam and dominate the map wherever they go. Ditto with Frank pals and cheap castles, though I’ve had more problems with Franks since I started playing the game again than I ever did years ago when the game first came out.

It’s a good game, one of my favs for multiplayer in the RTS genre, though there are other games I’ve played that I think I might favor over this one.


Definitely the Persians, not only because of the bonuses of the civilization in the game but also for the history that is brought with them from their formation to the encompassing of many cultures within their sociocultural system.


No korean love? they are bloody good


I can’t even vote in it lol. But I like Goth as I am a strong late gamer and they are pretty strong later


@“DARK RISER68” said:
I can’t even vote in it lol. But I like Goth as I am a strong late gamer and they are pretty strong later

I didn’t pick Byzantines


I like the Celts, because it is fun to spam Woad Raiders and smash enemy buildings really fast.


why not teutons or turks or vikings?


Elephants, of course!


Byzantines–flexible, powerful, historically accurate bonuses (mostly, anyway). Also, they have an awesome Orthodox chant to start battle. :smiley:


Byzantines of course.