Which Paladin Civs are your favorites?

My favorites:

Franks, Lithuanians, Cumans, and Persians.

I also somewhat like Burgundians, just for the quicker access to Burgundians because of the cheaper upgrade, although they lack Bloodlines.

Magyars, but its a bit biased because its my favorite civ. Personally I think Persians have the most boring Paladins, they just have nothing going for them apart from the team bonus

Teutons. Top 5 Arena civ, top tier on Arabia too in winrates. Great castle and imperial age. A beast in low elo and imo the best battle riyal civ (saldy noone plays that anymore)


A very respectable opinion, my friends and I play occasionally : ) !

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Teutons, Romans, and Burgundians. Cuman Paladins are true monsters, but I like playing the other civilizations more.

Battle royale should just be removed from quickplay, no longer has any sense.
happe year though.

Do people even use quick play battle Royale? I’ve only ever used lobby

there are like 8 Paladin civs total if you exclude those that don’t have FU like Celts or Byzantines, and you have 4 of them as favorite? Seems weird.

Regardless all Paladin civs are my favorite, I like Paladin as a unit I don’t consider +attack or a little extra HP relevant enough for me to like one over the other.

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11(im not laughing) Paladin civs at the moment.

My favourites are Burgundians because its so easy to get to Paladin and Persians because you can use all you Food and gold on them and then spam trashbows with your Wood Just Like other civs use CA + hussar.


Franks, Teutons, Celts, Byzantines, Magyars, Lithuanians, Cumans, Burgundians, Persians, Spanish and Huns.

You can make a poll here.

I vote Spanish for team games. Blacksmith upgrades don’t cost gold and when you get the +25% trade carts going you can spam Paladins endlessly.

Celtic ones are too weak to use against major melee action, so you’d be better off with Woads backed by halbs and siege.

Byzantine ones is also no big deal. At least Logistica should benefit ‘em to offset Blast Furnace.

Byzantine Paladin is important to the civ itself, because with it they can raid the opponent’s eco and defend against archer armies at the same time. Paladins don’t need Logistica for their role in Byzantine roster, because they don’t have to be able to compete vs. opponent’s cavalry; Byz have Camels and Halbs for the latter.

Isn’t Logistica upgrade for Cataphract, nothing to do with knight-line?

With not full upgrade as lack blast furnace and no civ bonus involved with knight, Byzentine shouldn’t be consider strong Paladin civ.


They lack Blast Furnace and Bloodlines; It’s still Paladin tho, strong unit (3+4 pierce armor most notably).