Which Revolution should become a full Civilisation

Which American Revolution do you think would be suitable for a new playable Civilisation?

  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Chile
  • Grand Colombia
  • Haiti
  • Mexico
  • Peru
  • Only the USA

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There are already discussions about it but I’m curious what the majority of the forums thinks.


I mean, if new civilizations is to be added, I think Haiti should be a honorable mention as the first American continent to gain his independence against, and be putted into the game.

Of course the most popular option is Brazil!
It was the largest empire in South America, and would be cool to play with Voluntários da Pátria as Musketeers, National Irregulars as Skirmishers and Guardas Honorificos as Dragoons.

Perhaps having a large focus on Cattle Economy, since it was huge in Brazil.
Cards like Pau Brazil could discount Wood costs for Buildings and Ships, instead of increasing gather rates.
Mandioca could boost Farm gather rate, but be the only card to do so in their deck.
Molasses and Sugar Cane Plantation cards could also show up as big Age 4 Estate gather rate boosts, since the word even comes from Portuguese.

It is already a shame Portugal never got a mention to Marmelade, which we invented, so Brazil could get a mention to Molasses.


it would probably be Mexico and Brazil, Mexico makes sense because of the war between Mexico and the United States, Brazil makes sense because they were the most powerful South American country. And when a new type of civ is added they tend to be in pairs of 3


Mexico was also a federal republic from quite early on, meaning it can use the same age up and state card system. And can have State Militia as a unit.

Mexico became a federal republic in 1824, only 3 years after its war of independence. Unlike Brazil, which started out as a kingdom in 1815, was an empire most of the 19th century, and only became a federal republic in 1889.

Brazil could have its own age up system, perhaps with entirely unique politicians that no other civ gets.


It’s not surprising that Brazil and Mexico are the most popular option.
Canada has no votes at this point which makes sense since they didn’t even gain full independence to this day.

Maybe a unique building like the Chinese village that combines Livestock with something else.
Maybe a building that passively trains cows?
Maybe also like the Revolution they get free Voluntários da Pátria? Maybe a unique military academia building (Academia Militar das Agulhas Negras) that slowly trains them for free and maybe also researches the Arsenal upgrades.

They could get some immigrant cards too. They could even get a Japanese one that could give them shrine wagons for example.

The State Militia would have to be reskinned though.
They could even share some states like California and Texas.
They should get some Aztec units from Home City Cards too. Maybe even buildings like the Nobles Hut similar to the US Blockhouse card.
Mexico has one of the highest native populations in Latin America so it would make sense to make that an important feature. Maybe Native cards instead of Immigrant cards.
One or two Spanish features could also carry over like Lancers or Missionaries.


The kingdom part was just for showing (it was not really independent). But even though it was an empire some of the divisions of the federal states were already in place. If you Reeeeeeeeally want to go that way, then i think federal states age up would be the best

(even though i think its a horrid idea to create a civ that is so late in the game. I would much prefer another native civ in south america)


None. They all come far too late in the timeline and could hardly qualify as empires.


Mexico has 31 states, more than enough to have its own roster of age up states with 5 per age.

The Aztecs were subsumed into New Spain about 400 years before Mexico became a country, by the time Mexico came to be there were no more traditional aztec warriors fighting with obsidian weapons. Navajo and Apache cards make more sense.

That definitely works if they’re economic cards, as many rural Mexican people, even to this day, follow many traditions from before the conquest, especially amongst the Maya.

Definitely lancers, but mexican lancers were more like llaneros or hussars, rather than the very medieval looking spanish lancers.


Ideally all revolutions should be made into full featured civilization. Maybe not the USA way but by fleshing thrm out a bit more.

But those states were part of Mexico back than so they should be considered.
Same with other states like New Mexico.

AoE3 is inherently anachronistic. Aztecs and Inca can reach the Industrial Age and a lot of Civilisations can train units that never coexisted at the same time.
Revolutionary Mexico has a card that unlocks Maya, Zapotec, Navajo and Apache units if I remember correctly.

They could be a new unique unit that just has similar traits to the Spanish Lancers.
Maybe a bit more general purpose so it can be the main cavalry.
Maybe somewhere between the Naginata and the Spanish Lancers.

I think the Empire of Brazil with it’s Constitutional Monarchy fits the “Empire” criteria very well.


The idea of making all revolution civs as main is kinda dumb. I mean you’re gonna have Finland in the game but not Denmark? Romania and Hungary but not Poland? Hard pass. Also this is a way to oversaturate the game with civs that aren’t even that relevant and some of them didn’t even exist as independent nations during the timeframe.


I thought I can check more options so I started with Argentina…

But the correct answer is all of them (maybe Canada not) because the whole concept of revolution is broken by US addition :wink:

I have only listed American Revolutions for a reason.
Poland and Denmark/Norway should definitely be full civilisations.


I think both México and Brazil, it would be cooler to have campaigns featuring these new civilizations, I’d buy that as a DLC.

USA, Mexico and Brazil have an amazing history that would make a really fun and educational campaign.


Mexico sounds good, former largest Spanish colony, also had multiple conflicts with the USA/Europeans after their independance.

Brazil too, former largest Portuguese colony, also the largest power in South America, makes sense to add them I guess.

Both of them can share some mechanics with the US : aging / general instead of explorer / immigration ; have some of their own unique things ; and use some of their local natives?

USA / Mexico / Brazil, sounds like a good enough coverage for an “American Revolutions DLC”, if we limit ourselves to 3 civs like previous expansions.


USA is already in the game. I would not mind buyng Brazil and Mexico is a similar scheme, for $5 each.

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5€ each, maybe with a similar event and than when both are out they can make a bundle for USA, Brazil and Mexico for 10€.

I’d say Brazil first because they have the potential to be more different to the USA because they are an Empire and not a Republic like Mexico.

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I’d love the see Mexico just to hear what it’s theme would be, and how it would differ from the Spanish theme.