Which time zone is this?

Which time zone is this?


Need to know cause depending on which timezone this is I might not make it home in time for the last challenge :frowning:

It would make sense if it was local time, taken from your system.

It is 18:00:00 for me as well though, and I’m central European time/GMT+1. If you’re not from the same zone as I am it’s not local time. (As a result, this post would be pretty useless.)

Ah, I’m in belgium so also +1, so hopefully it’s local time and I’ll make it JUST in time lol

Thanks for the reply!

@Lucenzo1338, @PanCalvus I am in GMT +2 and see the same time in message, so it is not local time. It is probably some US GMT. They should have shown time with GMT in message.