Which Version/Patch as Reference?


Im pretty new in the community. I was interested to play the game again and just installed AoE expansion (from collectors edition, no patch) and played some campaign games.

I found several small bugs. I don’t want to list them all since I expect most/all of them are already fixed.
(eg: 400 gold, 2 villager are gathering, at the end I only had 399 // trading ships have don’t trade by first come- first serve)

Now I am wondering. Is there any Patch which are the developers take as reference? Or are they just using RoR when it was first sold and work on improvements.
As much as I know the UPatch HD is the newest- but inofficial.

It’s confirmed that they are starting from the UPatch balance

I really missed that 1gold. Seriously though if you found these yourself you should be in the Beta :slight_smile:

Ok, I updated to 1.1 Release 4, but some kind of gathering bug is still there:
eg: villager with one piece of gold returns to TC, but I get +2 gold in the bank.
but at the end it adds up correctly to the right amount. still a bit confusing.