While gaming/ xbox login required

Another annoying problem with this game: every few seconds a dialog appears within the game requesting to login to xbox to continue. I am already logged in but the dialog keeps popping up. Does anybody experience the same and has a solution?

thank you so much!

Sorry, I’ve never seen that, drebecca. However, I haven’t played the latest patch very much; so, if it started with this patch, I wouldn’t have experienced it.

Do you own the Steam version of the game, or Microsoft Store version? I’m not saying it matters, but maybe it does? I’m on Steam and am never forced to be signed into Xbox so far.

Maybe your anti-virus blocker is somehow blocking communication to AoE’s credentials server?

I noticed recently that my PC uses an Internet Explorer (IE) browser for the Xbox sign-in, even though I never knew IE was even installed on my PC. Maybe your credentials are not getting properly stored there and the game wants them to?

Interesting… I just looked at my IE cookies and see several Microsoft-related entries; one of them being “aoelauncher”-related (see the first line here):


** sigh** (that IE is being used, and that cookies might be needed to sign into the game, or are possibly planted there when signing in)

So, along these lines, maybe the game is trying to set cookies in your Internet Explorer to remember that you signed-in, but your browser is set to block cookies? If you are, indeed, blocking all cookies, maybe try changing the browser settings to be less strict? (Just as a quick test, if you feel comfortable with that.) Here is how my IE is set up in the Settings area which has worked for me regarding AoE2:DE:

I’d be really surprised if you have your security level higher than that or have somehow customized things to block ALL cookies or not trust certain sites like the AoE/Microsoft servers, but I’m at a loss as to what might be causing your issue if it isn’t the above things… unless it is a bug in the game.

PS: Here’s my recent topic regarding the IE browser getting used by the game. I don’t know if it’s happening for other people, but thought I’d share: