While the Horse Archer can still become a regional unit, some other civilizations can still be given their unique horse archer

As the Horse Archer should no longer be a unique unit but instead be given to other civs besides just the Rus, we can at least still be having certain other civs be having their unique horse archer just like what the Mongols have (For the Mongols, it’s the Mangudai). For example, the Ottomans can be having the Akinji as their unique horse archer and for the Japanese (a future civ), it can be the Yabusame.


We gotta see the Horse Archer available to other civs.

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Hard to disagree with this. Early Sipahi + Akinji for Ottomans, horse longbow Yabusame for future Japan.

Heck, they even advertised it on trailer before a discount week. I mentioned that in my topic. Seen it?

I remember that topic and yes, the Akinji for the Ottomans is a good idea.

In the trailer for the Ottomans and Malians, we already see Sipahis using bows.

To me it sounds that they implemented a Vizier upgrade for Sipahis to toggle between melee and ranged in some previous interal build. Or maybe it’ll be an upgrade available only in the campaign for the Ottomans. It’d be nice to see it implemented in the regular civ gameplay though, can you imagine horsemen that can toggle to become horse archers when necessary? It’d be fun as heck (which the Ottomans desperately need)



no horse archer shouldnt become a regional unit it make no sense

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At one point, the Horse Archer should become a unit shared among civs (excluding civs that have their unique Horse Archer. I.e., Mongols) that used archers on horseback.

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