While we are waiting for the launch date , what campaigns do you anticipate reliving the most?

The Sforza campaign used to give me severe headaches, playing a more balanced and less buggy version of it is what im looking forward to.

For a more peaceful one , I’m also looking forward to Montezuma , I wanna see how beautiful the scenario looks in this version.


I strangely look forward to Montezuma as well. Other ones I look forward to are Genghis Khan, Sforza, Alaric and the Malay one too.

Wonder if there are any changes to the Rajas and African Kingdoms campaigns?


William Wallace (of course) and El Cid.

I enjoyed the Genghis khan and Saladin one a lot so looking forward to that. also joan of arc was always pretty cool. Never got into the newer ones for rajas or African kingdoms though so looking forward to that. Also the apparent new one they added instead of El dorado

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I think I’m the only one that wanna finish all campaigns, but there’s always that one scenario in each campaign where you just micro some military and have to go from point A to B.
It takes too much time and constant saves, and AI is kinda ridiculous dodging single units from arrows and cannons, so I really don’t enjoy playing against it.

I can’t wait to see the three new last khans campaigns, but I am even more interested for the new forgotten campaigns, pachacuti, new Alaric, new sforza and new bari campaign!

I’m really curious if the Forgotten Campaigns were fixed. So many times in HD I got soft-locked that it just became habit to do “safety” saves.

They didn’t just fixed. They completely remade from scratch. Devs confirmed that all forgotten campaigns are now brand new content, with new scenarios. Especially Alaric, Bari and Sforza are completely new campaigns, completely different from the HD version. Each of the forgotten campaigns will contain now 5 brand new scenarios like african kingdoms and rise of rajas. And the play style will be more balanced, not RPG-like, but with way more “Build and Destroy” playstyle. They even dropped the El Dorado campaign and replaced it with a new Inca campaign “Pachacuti”. This means tons of new campaign content never played before! And of course fully voice acted. A huge surprise!


Oh that’s interesting. I believe I had heard about more emphasis on those particular campaigns , but I thought they’d just be some faithful remakes mimicking the original ones.

Thanks for letting me/us know! That’s pretty cool. I also forgot to mention in my original post that I as a few others here , never for some reason gave the Rajas / African Kingdom campaigns a go , so im very looking forward to beating every single and each campaign , new and old from the game!

I’ve also spoiled myself a little bit with the new Campaign from the Last Khans and watched the first 8 minutes of each of them from viper’s channel and I cant stress enough that they look amazing , i can’t wait to put my hands on them! One day left everyone!

Yes! I saw the Viper first 1-2 minutes of 3 scenarios (2 of Ivaylo and 1 of Tamerlane), the quality looks amazing, like African Kingdoms campaigns. I’m more than excited to see the new forgotten campaigns, I believe now they will probably be like these scenarios. And I also forgot to mention that they also added 1 new scenario in the battles of the forgotten campaign (now called historical battles together with the battles of the conquerors campaigns), removed 1 and also remade three more with brand new scenarios, but I am not sure which ones.

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Joan of Arc and to hear what is the new voice of La Hire :smile: :smile:

I read that Lake Poyang replaces Langshanjiang and Honfogolas was remade. Don’t know about anymore, though.

what is the new voice of La Hire

Zeh blud on La Hire’s szord is almost drei. Do yur wurst you English fop! … You’ll be missed :frowning:

I hope they do it right or I’m gonna ask for a refund :rofl::rofl:

La Hire is the Duke Nukem of age of empires 2


This comment should get all the likes it can get :+1::+1:

Will you guys try out the E3 mission as well?

I’m definitely gonna do that.

Honestly, the original ones. I played though some of Joan campaign in the beta and the difficulty has been heavily increased. Especially on the last mission, which I have yet to manage. It really bothers me since it is the first campaign that I have any problems with whatsoever. So yeah, the early ones.

Edit: why do I not have a beta badge? I was in the beta so I should have one?

Do you mean the updated insider icon? You have it. You can change your title to " [Age Insider] Age II: DE Beta" in your account preferences.