Whisper feature

Is it not possible to whisper to people on your friends list? Am I missing something? I see chat rooms but this seems like a horribly inefficient means of communicating with people on your friends list. I don’t understand how all of the menus/browsers outside of actual gameplay seem broken and less efficient than legacy.

I love this game and am grateful for DE, but in some ways it has become harder to enjoy.


Didnt find a private message option…i do not thing this is implemented in the game. Hope this is coming since this was in aoe3 the best way to make “friends” to play with :smiley:



-> Show when friends are online by a green light, and red when they are offline

-> being able to privat message them

Steam client & xbox social features basically replaces other legacy chatting features as back then there was no universal platforms.

You can go in the chat lobby and write /w NAME msg

That’s useless cause u can’t add someone’s steam account on the game, u literally just add his DE.

If there’s a friendlist, but u can’t see if they’re here or even text them, what is it for ? :confused:

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