WHITE FOG on LOW settings

When playing the game on low settings (necessary on my laptop), there is a very annoying WHITE FOG covering the ground. It disappears when bumping the settings to medium or higher. There are already many threads talking about it since October but NO FIX.

Can you please look into it?

It is making my eyes bleed.



I think it’s a cloud effect that is supposed to show that the camera is high up. If you zoom in a little it goes away. I agree with you that it’s annoying and shouldn’t be there at the max zoom level.

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It is distracting, reduces overall readability and disappears when bumping the graphic settings. I doubt it was done on purpose by the devs. if it was, then I feel like it’s a bad decision. I really hope the devs will fix it…


Thanks, all! Feedback heard.

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Anybody knows whats the exact graphic setting that affects the white fog?

Thank you for your answer @SavageEmpire566
No idea @IRCketchUP as a matter of fact. I am unable to change an individual graphic settings. I can change them in the setting menu but it just does not do anything in game. I can only change the global graphic settings ( i think it’s called “image quality” but to be confirmed).

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