White Pagoda scaling

So I am loving the fact that the Whilte Pagoda scales the buff with age now. But as it stands the buff is locked to the age in which it was built. This kinda makes its effect pretty minor since in age 3 or 4 you would never build it when you can build the temple of heaven or porcelain tower and in age 2 the buff is essentially the same as before and provides no additional benefits later. Would really appreciate if this was changed so that the buff is upgraded upon with additional age ups.


So the buff is better with depending on the Age you build it? Where can I find information on how this buff works on DE?

Maybe just google “aoe3 (name of the wonder)” for example, “aoe3 porcelain tower”, in there it should show the bonus in each age, Porcelain Tower | Age of Empires Series Wiki | Fandom but if i recall correctly, not many wonders have this scaling ability, for chinese i think just the porcelain tower, for japanese none and indians i think none too.

Chinese Wonder:

  • Confucian Academy does not scale. Only the Flying Crow scale with shadow tech in each age.
  • Porcelain Tower depends on the age it’s created. At age 2 can grant 3 food or 0.6 all resource and 0.18 to export and XP. at age 5 grant 6.5 food or 1.5 food and coin, 2 wood, and 0.5 export and XP. If created at age 2 the trickle will not increase with each subsequent age despite the game reach age 5. The earlier it’s created the smaller the bonus.
  • Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, White Pagoda does not scale. The effect stays the same in each age, does not increase the training speed of the free unit or amount of healing. Disciple global buff stats now scale depending on the age the wonder is created.

Indian Wonder:

  • Agra Fort does not scale but is upgradeable, choosing this at the later age give free upgrade.
  • Charminar Gate, Karni Mata, Taj Mahal, and Tower of Victory have the same effect in all ages.

Japanese Wonder none are scaling, means creating it in which age didn’t matter other than the free unit.

I just did a little experiment and the White Pagoda buff is indeed better depending on the Age you build it, as you point out. Do you know where I can find more information on how this passive buff works in DE? The wiki hasn’t been updated.

Mostly on the changelog, especially the DE release day changelog as wonder didn’t change much on later patch note.