Who can I contact about AOE2 Legal Matters?

First of all. NO I’m not suing anyone. I need to find out who I can contact at Microsoft/Forgotten Empires about getting permission to use AOE2:DE images, icons logos and in game images for a book. Can anyone help me or direct me to the person I need to communicate to via e-mail, phone call, etc.?

I don’t want to discuss anything more about what I’m doing publicly but I really need help getting in touch with someone from legal or management.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

You can try contacting @GMEvangelos I guess. Maybe he’s not the person in charge of these matters but surely he know whom is

You could also contact the team specifically with their email address:

Would you like to contact Forgotten Empires LLC? Please send us an email at info@forgottenempires.net and we’ll get back to you shortly.