Who had this terrible idea

We have another map pool. Some new map, you think? WRONG!!!

Because some… dude though it will be fun if we get biggest piece of dogshit - Amazon Tunnel - again.

Yes, this is another complain about map pool, so maybe finally someone hear it, because right now the situation is disgusting. Always the same map, sometimes even a few variation of the same shit, like - exactly - Black Forest and AT. You wanna spend 2,5 hours for constantly spamming units into valley of death? Go on, but do it in lobby, don’t force other, you psychomaniac.

And don’t tell me: " hey, just ban this map" - there is a lot of dumb map which I hate and only one ban. And even when I get, for example, Scandinavia, Step, or something else, someone dodges it.
And again, Black Forest, Amazon Tunnel, Arena. This is boring and frustrating as hell!!!


Yeah the map pool voting issue became so annoying lately. Devs have to do somethng about this toxic situation asap. The problem there are many people vote and they don’t even play ranked. IMO there should be new rules to voting system (like being active on ranked and have not less than 1200 elo or even 1400 1v1 to be able to vote).

Also more bans are indeed needed now.


What if they had tiers of ‘games played’ giving more votes? That would both encourage players to play AND make the maps chosen best fit the multiplayer community.

IE, everyone gets 1 vote, and you get another vote for playing one multiplayer game, 1 more vote for another 3 games, 1 more vote for 5 more games, 1 more vote for 10 more games, and so on. 25, 50, 100 maybe.

Have a big progress bar with a big burst of confetti whenever you reach a threshold. Would be a great way to get players to stay active.

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This is one of the worst ideas I have heard.


You want to exclude 70% of player base from having a voice in the map pool. Yeah, okay dude.

Maybe realize that your voice isn’t that important. No one person’s is. The map pool is the way it is because most people want to it be that way. And that is fine. That is democracy.

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Amazon Tunnel is a rather good 1v1 map, but it is rather bad for team games imo, because it is rather strategic map for 1v1 but not for team games.

So when I play team games, I spent my 1 ban for Amazon Tunnel. But I also don’t like most of the other maps in the pools for team games. Of the 5 standard maps for team games (Arabia, Arena, Black Forest, Nomad and MegaRandom) MegaRandom is the only interessting one imo.

There is not enough variation especialy in the team game map pool but also for 1v1s. It is also not really a democratic decision, because the devs make a preselection. You should ba able to vote for every map, and the votes for all the losing maps should be stored for the next vote. This would guarantee some variety. But atm it is more like pseudo-democracy.


and then you got people asking vote to have in game notification, plastered in your face because there “isn’t enough vote”.

guess we’ll see more amazon tunnels lmao

then a contradicting thread to the above, which is more sensical as it at least doesn’t force notification onto other players.

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As I proposed in another thread, map pool vote should be split into ELO/rank ranges, so that low elo map pool would apply only to them, and higher ELO players would have their map.
Votes from player with no ELO/rank could influence the lower map pool, or could be not considered at all, or could be used to determine the Quick Game map pool.


This is the best solution. Pros decide their own maps and low ELOs decide theirs. It’s the fairest way. We also need more than 7 maps per rotation. Needs to be at least 12 and more bans to compensate.

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Yep, shit situation. Its just the fact that it is not important what a minority thinks. So we are forced to play at least 9/10 games we dont like the map. With every week i love this game more and more. Btw, the devs need to take out arena and df as presetted maps. Basically there is no need for other maps beside amazon tunnel. Be honest and delete the other maps, none needs them.

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