Who is the best rush civ?

Not a late-game boomer civ, but the civ that can attack the enemy as early as possible by rushing them?

Note: I like booming great battles games… but I still like some advice on what be the best rush civ.

Goths, then likely Cumans or Huns.


More food. Men-At-Arm rush potential

hey bro, like most things in AOE it depends on what you want to do… how quickly do you want to rush and what type of rush do you want to do?

japanese / lith have the best dark age rushes using only militia (edit: i forgot japs bonus only kicks in feudal)

inca do a great tower rush

bulgarians,slavs,vikings,mali can all do good men at arms rushes…

lith can rush 2 militia within 3 min of the game and not affect their eco by much, so depending how you look at it there’s a number of contenders…


True, they have a huge M@A rush.

The best Militia rush is unarguably the Goth’s Militia rush.

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Huns are Huns, then there’s Aztecs and Cumans

inca noboru rush is probably the easiest route towards 1600 1v1 DE.
it helps if you try to be as obnoxious as possible, flare his base, use taunts and trashtalk (don’t use swears tho). for extra intimidation, let your opponent know that you will vil rush. this will tilt your opponent and forces mistakes

16 pop scout rush with Mongols is an option.

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Depends on the map, enemy civ, which age do you want to focus on.
There’s a factor of predictability as well.
Additionally, if your enemy can make counter units - how many kinds, how much would it cost him, and is it a unit that he wants to have in a long run.

If it’s Arabia and you want to make the rushing strat consistent but not obvious, I would recommend:
Aztecs, Celts, Chinese.
For this very purpose 2nd tier would be:
Malians, Malay, Japanese.

Generally this would be for making a variety of units:
mounted, ranged, siege and monks, possibly pikeman in castle and maa in feudal.

Also honorable mention for Saracens with market abuse, can be very aggro


It always depends on the map - on a map with a lot of hunt it would be Mongols for sure…

Overall I would say Huns, the “new” Goths or Atzecs.