Who say tower weak in AOE1?,

Tower aoe1 too strong+ cheap alot when you get the 3+4 age. For defend and attack :joy::rofl::rofl::rofl: balance of aoe1, no timeline, camel + damage vs elephant, tower cheap + strong :sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy:. Good game

You think towers are too strong?. I tend to agree with others who find them a little weak. However, I would not want them buffed at the expense of being able to use them offensively. I would prefer giving Town Centers a defensive upgrade.

They’re much weaker than the towers in AoE2: much easier to destroy, much lower damage output (since they don’t gain arrows when you garrison villagers in them), more difficult and expensive to upgrade (even watch tower requires an upgrade, and all the upgrades cost stone) and they’re arguably more expensive (since stone is much scarcer than wood). What makes you think they’re strong?

What do you mean by this?

In the original version of AOE1, you could watch various stats such as population over time, kills, gold collected, etc. while you’re still playing the game. In the sequels you only have access to these stats once you lose or once the game is over


Hahaha, oh wow, I played the original when it was new (ish) and replayed it again recently, and I had no idea!

:rofl::rofl::rofl: really, :)) AOE 1 only catapult get destroy tower but it hard control more than AOE2 much, and spam tower AOE 1 easy more than AOE 2 supper ease, my topic want to everyone thing AOE 1 bonus more for tower:)) never. Beside +20 HP for knight line :grin::grin::grin:. Haizzzz AOE 2 the god . Don’t thing why I play ror but never touch aoe 1 de

It depends which stage of the game you’re at, and what upgrades you and your opponent have. On the other hand, melee units can take down towers much more quickly than in AoE2.

I think the AoE1 economy is generally faster, so spamming anything is easier, including units to take down your enemy’s towers.

If towers currently do not convince the attacker to stay away from them (also depends on the strength/capability of the attacking force), then the devs have to make towers gain attack power when garrisoned by villagers. It’s the only way (I believe) to buff them defensively, without turn them into offensive rush instrument to abuse.

How about arrow slits tech from bronze age which increases tower damage.

And when they use it change for rush = tower ??? Stupid tower of AOE 2 do it and I hate it :grin::grin::grin:.

When you tower rush in aoe2, you need to dedicate:

5 villagers to stone mining,
5 villagers as forward builders; and garrisons, else the tower is weak without the garrisons.

This means 10 villagers idle to the early economy. This is half of the potential maximum manpower of 20 at the time (early Feudal age). We talk about an immense drawback.

Most of the time, this drawback guarantees 1) the 100% delayed advance to Castle age, and 2) the total vulnerability to raiders behind, at your base.

Yes and it make horible, villager can not work, ít very strong. And AOE 1 don’t need this bug. Or if this happen :rofl::rofl::rofl: my money just waste when spend buy this game