Why AI have only a small army?

In standard game mode,hard AI(I think that is DE AI) have the very small army(maybe 5~20 unit maximum).
I think this is not normal.
and choose the HD edition AI, it is normal. the AI have a massive army.(if 400population, AI has an army of about 230~250.)
Can developers check?

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Hello Airdmo, thank you for the report.
Do you have a recorded game that shows the issue to help us reproduce it?

Have the same problem. Played two games and its the same. The KI only have a very small army… about 10-20 people. Attacks after 15 minutes with 6 people - killed them - and the KI never attacks again.


This is the record for show the AI army.
I use the cheat to test the AI.
The AI in Imperial age have only the 8unit army.
I think that is not the hard AI.
Thay have too much villager, but don’t create more forces to attack player.

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Thank you very much for the recorded game, that was a great help in finding on which settings this reproduces! We’re working on it. :slight_smile:
As a temporary work-around it should work better if you play on a population cap of 200 until the fix is out.


Hi team,

I can confirm that this has been happening for me as well - I’ve tried both the AOE2:HD AI and the new AI, both on ‘Hard’, and on the Black Forest and Highlands maps, both set to 500 population cap. In both cases, the AI builds tons (tons!) of buildings, including dozens of castles, but only ever builds 10-20 military units at a time.

My AI ally did the same thing, and attacked with 5 camels in response to an ‘attack an enemy now’. You have to admire their bravery, but clearly something is off.

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Hi there! I have the similar issue here. I was playing the multiplayer game with my brother. I was playing Italian teamed up with my brother who was playing Cuman against two Indians in Hard AI (DE). Upon visiting the enemy, there were none armies but villagers. The HD version of AOE2 did bring thousands of armies but the DE AI didn’t. This was our first attempt of playing the DE version today and we are a little disappointed about the AI.

I have attached the replay here. I hope this helps.

Thank you very much,


Problem solved with the update?

Still seems to be an issue for me - and is happening even with a pop cap of 400, suggesting it’s not necessarily related to population 500.

We’re still on it, thank you for your patience!
Yes, it’s not related to a population cap of 500 specifically but rather every setting above 200.
If you notice anything again feel free to post on the forums again and we will look into it. :slight_smile: