Why AoE permits this?

I’m tired of seen this fake ads, they even dare to say they are age of empire


that doesn’t seem to break any copyright? maybe left picture but eh, bad marketing.

It is claiming AoE(the original) is Rise of Empires, the game is copyrighted, hence copyright issues. But they haven’t done anything in the past, so doubtful they will do anything now

Actually this is only 1 ad, they have one that shows the logo of AoE II the conquerors with the name of their game.and shows the actual aoe II gameplay

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yea its really weird and a bad ad.

I’ve played Rise of Empires and it is a crappy game that is heavily pay to win.

I feel disgust whenever I see this annoying rise of empires ad

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Yeah I saw that the other day, like I’d seen other ads before that were clearly skirting the line and then they just show the AoE2 logo like it’s part of their game. This prompted me to do a little digging and I found this video on yt from almost a year ago of them pulling this exact same move, using AoE2 assets to advertise their rubbish mobile game that barely even resembles AoE: Mobile Game ads vs Reality :- Rise of Empire : Ice and Fire #1 - YouTube Watch to the end of the video for footage of the actual game. They also seem to use footage from Age Online and other non-age related tower defence and treasure room style mobile games. It’s just bizarre.

Pretty funny that youtube has this completely arcane and sadistic copyright enforcement system for content creators who live in perpetual fear of the dreaded arbitrary DMCA takedown notice and the ensuing battle to avoid having their channel deleted, but their advertisers can just flagrantly use other people’s games to mislead people into downloading their product. It’s like, actually a scam, copyright issues aside. Come on guys.

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