Why are allies so passive/useless?

Why are AI allies so passive/useless?
It seems AI allies barely do anything, even when I am attacking the enemy base camps.
Even worse, at one point the enemy sent a small division to my home city. Had to sent back a group of units from the front to defend, as the AI allies just remained in its camp…

Bit useless…

(in the screenshot above, my ally is Queen Elizabeth)


me recuerda al meme que dice
IA Aliada: Lo estas haciendo bien!
El jugador: Lo estoy haciendo todo!

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Yeah the allied AI has been a determent for a while now. So much so that I’ve only played the game this month just to complete the challenges.

Strange way of increasing the difficulty by making the allied AI useless. No thanks. This game just isn’t fun at the moment.

Just lost a game to this…

Allies did great in Commerce Age. Then they went to Fortress (thank God!) and switched their entire eco to wood. And naturally didn’t have enough food/ coin to sustain an army. Feels bad man!

Allied AI will still attempt to gather resources all over the map leaving them vulnerable to enemy armies. And more often than not getting them killed.

And worse yet no adjustments coming with this next patch. Sigh.