Why are people in 2v2 sooooo bad?

My ally literally just sent 8 spears as a rush… with my 20 archers and 10 cav… then we get counter attacked and wrecked! Why make me waste my army if hes only gonna send 8 spears!!!

If the chat actually didnt block out everything we typed we would be able to communicate… wtf is this ■■■■■■■■?

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This is normal for joining random games with random people as everyone is different skilled etc.

I suggest to join games with some friends over discord if you want a better team communication and games overall.

Edit: I agree that the chat needs improvement when it comes to the amount it’s censoring right now it’s silly.


Are we really going to make posts blaming our teammates? Save that for the mobas man…

Unlike mobas, if you’re frustrated with bad teammates, you can just play 1v1, so you have no excuse.

But let me go on a rant about bad teammates:

If you truly believe you’re better than your current rank: You only have 1 random teammate, whereas the enemy team has 2. So theoretically if you play enough games, you have an edge because the opponents have twice the likelihood of having a bad player than your team. So just play more games, and you’ll climb eventually, if you’re meant to actually be better than that rank.

I’m a 1300 ELO 1v1 player and have been playing 2v2s here and there and I’m getting around 1200 ELO lately. Almost every game I have hard-carried my teammate. I’ve literally made both enemies quit when my teammate didn’t even move out of his base. I’m not trying to flex, I’m trying to tell you that if you truly belong in a higher rank, you’re the only person holding you back.


Try using the matchmaking (un-check the other options like 1v1).
You’d probably get better players as that actually tries to find similar Elo players.

I found that people in Lobbies are usually really bad at the game lol.

Youre gonna create a post for this? Really? Let’s keep these forums serious please. There’s some issues I would really like to have fixed for AOE4 and posts like this is not helping for devs working through it.


This isnt his first post he rants about other players…

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Yes because they are bad… they need to implement brackets… 1 for random 2v2 and 1 global… due to the gamepass thing its just everyone with everyone… i was 1500 elo down to 1230 due to terrible terrible allys…

Im not new to RTS… i was rank 1 COH2 random 2v2 with every faction… i know how to play in a team… so yes i will blame my allys for be bad…

Well then write one well constructed post explaining/suggesting this instead of just whining that your team is bad.

“Why are people in 2v2 sooooo bad?”

Becoz they fail miserably on 1v1 so they go with the easier games…

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It’s beyond me how you risk playing with teammates that you don’t know.

On top of that, I hate typing while playing: I’d rather talk telling my status in real time and sharing my strategy with my partner. After a while playing together gets funnier.

I don’t have much spare times (work, kids, study, etc…) So whenever I want to play, I coordinate with some pals on discord and one or two of them may connect to play.

Search for a community… or even better: create your own discord and post link here: if all of you guys are so good at playing and always get bad matches, why don’t you play together? This could be the beginning of a clan…

Played a game where I fought the two opponents 3 different times and lost after the third massive battle which resulted in our defeat. I looked at my ally while the enemies where destroying my base and the guy had no units. Went into the Imperial Age without building a single unit.

The game has an elo system, so for the most part your getting paired with people of similar skill, obv the game cant perfectly balance the game everytime, and if you get paired with someone worse against 2 enimies partied together, your usually gonna get rolled

You just know the type of people you don’t want to be matched with. It won’t matter how good you are or how well you played, if you get beat the other guy takes it upon himself to bring out his best trash talk.

They may practice their trash talk more than the game and take to the forum…

Win or lose if its with like minded players it’ll be a match you’ll enjoy.

A guy with no balls to play 1v1s, goes to 2v2 games and blames his random teammates.

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I was wondering if this gets better the more matched youre in elo after your first 30 or so games lol because im out performing everyone but a little confused how i dont think ive had one player on my team who carries me per say lol im not even insanely good so it is confusing how i am always the best score and losing due to likely premades and my teamatte not being close to skill of me. Id love to see it more accurate so it doesnt feel like im building my base while my ally is afk lol im only here because out of like 10 games ive still not had a really good teamatte that makes me go damn wow nice :sweat_smile:

Im okay with them sucking but i want to be the one who sucks sometimes :pensive:

I could argue that playing solo 2v2 with random teammate is harder than playing 1v1. Obviously 1v1 has more competitive players, but both have the own difficulty range. If you play 2v2 with premade then its super easy, especially if one plays aggro civ and goes hard on aggression while another is like HRE which just picks free relics and gets uninterrupted imperial around 10-11min mark

Yea honestly cant believe there isnt ranked premaded 2v2 and ranked randoms 2v2. Seems like some basic stuff to have in the game. A random doesnt want to go against a premade. If match making was slow they could go back to custom and play premades but they probably wouldnt like it and random would be more popular. So much stuff thats super small missing in this. No new civs yet not even a hint of one? I think this is a quick near reskin arcade game that they abandoned. They keep killing RTS this is like a last hope for it moment. It is not a bad game its manageable but the lack of civs is tough. Doesnt seem like it would be much to add another. Being scared of imbalance makes no sense as ranked competition is the least players. Of course they should still aim for it though. Now HRE is just obviously to good so it doesn’t seem like that bothers them anyway.