Why are the new Navy Cards for Portuguese so bad?

“Carracks” (+15% HP for Caravels) and “Naval Infantry” (Enables Caravels to train Crossbowmen, Pikemen and Halberdiers, Monitors and Ironclads to train Musketeers, Caçadores and Grenadiers and Battleships to train all Barrack units + Grenadiers) are such absurdly terrible Age III cards, especially when comparing with the unique Naval Cards that the Spanish and the Dutch get.
For the sake of my argument I’ll only use one Spanish Card in the same Age as the above mentioned Portuguese Cards: “Armada”. This Card gives 20% extra HP to ALL Warships + 2 LOS and also allows their Caravels to train infantry units, Frigates to train cavalry and artillery units, Monitors to train Mortars and Battleships to train infantry, cavalry and artillery units. With one single Card, Spanish get way better value then both the Portuguese Cards COMBINED. How is this fair? Was it an oversight by the developers? Because a similar thing happens with the Japanese “Azekura” Card when comparing to other building HP buff cards…


Creo que esas cartas se podrian arreglar de manera simple

1 Carracas: Mejora los puntos de resistencia de las carabelas en 15% y se les concede un armadura anti daño de asedio de 20% asu vez su disparo de todas las rondas traspasa los barcos y golpea a los de atras (como en el aoe 2)
2: Infanteria Naval: Ademas de permitir a las carabelas entrenar infanteria podria permitir que las carabelas a su vez mejore su daño por cada soldado (arcaico) dentro de estas hasta un maximo de 10 o 15

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They certanly could use some love.
Maybe with the Port rework if it ever happens.