Why are there no CS Tournaments?


We see lots of RM/DM type tournaments, often for big sums of money like $60k!!!

Why are there never big CS tournaments, including popular maps from Voobly/Steam, like CBA, CBA Hero, RCB, Smosh… Bloods… etc?


Most AoE players love to play traditionally with randomized maps. RM for regular and DM for fast paced play. Regarding all that mini game stuff you mentioned. They have tried this with AOE Online and it wasn’t a big success for the franchise sadly although some of them were very well done and exciting to play, but not anymore after playing about 5 times against the same AI. Castle Siege is EOL unless you mean Counter Strike.


@PCS70 I think he means custom scenarios.


The spirit of Castle Siege will pursue you forever.
Ha ha ha


The same answer still applies then. :slight_smile: