Why are they creating DE aoe3 if they can control this?

this guy has msuketers on age I

I don’t understand the question.

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cheaters, it was a FFA match, and a cheater has muskets at age 1. He is lvl 25 because he cheats.
Its full of cheaters

Yes. So it’s good they are making DE to potentially fix this, right?

The Image displays a small army of Musks, from Player-Orange who is in Age I.
The French Nation has access to a team card called ’Team Early Skirmishers’, unless it also enables musks to be trained an age earlier, he’s cheating.

If it is legit;
Its a rush strategy.
To counter:
Place settlers in your TC and beat them with some Militias, if they try to siege. Or quickly build an outpost if you predict /scout such a rush.

As you know;
Rush is countered by Turtling

any aoe3 player, except you , know you cant train any infantery in age 1

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i dont think so, honestly. They can try to fix this things, without a definitive edition

I was defeated by tuck tuck tuck in ESO , anyway

I still dk how you cheat in this like this lol

Team early skirms gives them in Age 2. I haven’t played in years and i know that, comeon bro lol

Well. That is why the Aoe3 DE will come out. It will be updated, which means that now cheaters like him will no longer have access to cheat. For at least a long time. So do not worry. Leave everything to the team in charge of the updated version of aoe3

My post could have been clearer, I was spitboiling what-if ‘plausibilities’.
To clarify
I have never thought the card ‘Team Early Skirms’ grants such a feature.
That card is the closest in line to grant quicker age Units, but still limits the Unit-Training-access to Colonial Age at its earliest.

I think ideas or eventually a project-thread on how we could gain access to some tool/feature to deal with cheaters & misbehaviour would be great,

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Its funny, I played so much Age 1 and 2, but cant understand nothing from the HUD of the old age 3.