Why are tower and wall upgrades in the Granary?


Why are tower and wall upgrades in the Granary? I don’t see how they can be related yet.


I think because the Market was full enough with upgrades. Also you might have to choose which of those two building to build first after moving into tool age, but at high speed you probably will build those together at the same time as resources will come in much faster anyway.


I can see a small relation to the babylonian stone age sand castles xD That’s about it.


I agree. It does have a small relation with the granary.
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There’s a historical basis for this actually. When humans began settling down in farming communities, their grain reserves were their most valuable asset. Some historians believe that the ability and need to centralize storage of grain to protect it from raiders led to centralized government and the authority of big men, who could protect the food stores. This naturally led to the construction of defenses first around the most valuable asset (the granary) and eventually to the formation of walled cities.


They probably also used the granary to grind the hay or other material they used to create those walls.