Why are you put debuff on Bohemians?

you Has weakened Bohemians Houfnice.
so are you Strengthen other areas of Bohemians’ competence?

Seriously, you don’t have to balance if you can’t
Houfnice are the core of Bohemia’s army. Bohemians relies on Houfnice to fight but you weaken them again and again. This is the second major weakening of Bohemians.
So what is the Ethiopian’s Torsion Engines using for? Let the Houfnice as a clown?
Why design this civilization when you have weakened Bohemians so many times?
I suggest you delete Bohemians quickly.


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Yes I agree with your thought

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Yes I agree I also wrote an article about it, there were articles why to nerf houfnice and why to debuff Bohemians. There is nothing Bohemians have. The devs nerfed hussite wagons to the point they are useless. I think they always were useless just some streamers always say this is OPP!!! and that is OP!!! and Bohemians are not a top Arena civ anymore and they are 5th worse on Arabia. They do not have good cav, they miss thumb ring, they do not have CAs …

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Is time to nerf Turks, Bengalis and Portuguese on arena, and do a better nerf to Poles because the last one was a joke, nerfing Burgundians and Bohemians but lefting the others untouched is BS.


I agree the speed nerf was not needed.

Let’s wait and see. That’s 20% less food income.

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Maybe instead of Hofnice, should we buff hussite wagon back to original speed?

That nerf happened because Hussite Wagons were faster than other siege, which #### #### #### to counter with mangonels.

Welcome to sicilians neighborhood where you get nerfed several times with no compensation at all.

At least bohemians are a top tier civ in closed maps still, while others are just bad everywhere, so at least there is that

Pole arena nerf is easy, remove bombard cannons

Havent been following the pros lately but are Bengalis that crazy on Arena?

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Bengalis are just overrated

They have like 58% WR for 2k level last time I checked, monk armor and the best (if not broken) elephant archers contribute to that.

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Tbh nerfing the elws should be easy, just move their damage resistance to the castle age UT and give thdm faster attacking battle eles and armored eles as a civ bonus (you can give them thumb ring if you want)

But searching on YT the last bengali on Arena video is from 8 months ago (okay, there are a few newer ones but the oldest game on arena with Bengalis by a pro was uploaded 4 months ago)