Why CA..?

I know balance, blah blah, +20 years old game, blah blah, I ok as it is, blah blah, not historical accurate, blah blah…

But is not counterintuitive that CAs have more Frame delay , more attack and same RoF than crossbows?
Crossbows are popularly known because deal more damage than bows but require more time to reload.
CAs are popularly known because of fast but unaccuracy bursts of arrows and movility.

But in the game seems to work exactly in the opposite way.
So, is crazy that CAs would have 4 attack, 1.9 RoF and 15 Frame Delay and maybe accuracy reduced to 40%(80% with thumbring instead of flat %100)?

This way, would be more coherent and specially more fun and satisfaying to micro?


Or more annoying to micro against…


You probably got some numbers wrong, because with those you would nerf them basically into nonexistence. 1.9 RoF is not really fast. 15 frame delay is gigantic and they get their attack reduced by 33%. Noone would use them anymore.

But even if your numbers were good: It works very well the way it is right now, so why “fix” it?
Cuman Kipchaks are probably somewhat in line with what you’re looking for.

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It makes sense perfect sense that the crossbow has a shorter frame delay but you are right about everything else

Yeah that’s what I was thinking as well

It’s a game after all… so certain things are done that way for gameplay. Like many other things make zero historical sense, but it’s done because gameplay > realism

At least we have kipchaks to somewhat emulate what you are asking for

Now there are some things that not only dont make sense, but they’re also bad for gameplay, like my go-to favourite, Mayans getting the best eagles. An archer civ with better-than-cavaliers makes no sense balancewise or historically

Who said that cavalry archers were inaccurate? Historically there were cavalry archers that were easily as much accurate as foot archers or crossbowmen.

At the same time firing from a horse isn’t an easy practice, and while it take less to reload a bow than a crossbow, it make sense that the frame delay is higher, since the archer had to assume a specific position to fire with the bow, which a crossbowman had to just to press a lever.

the reason CA does more damage is that they can’t really do 5 damage per arrow when they cost 100 resources vs 60 of Crossbows. Also 6 base damage adds a bit more depth in terms of CA being a counter to Knights (Crossbow is not) and Mangonel but Scorpion is good vs CA but generally average vs Crossbows.

As for frame delay, you guessed it, again balancing is the reason here, a CA with 0 frame delay would be very broken.

Balancing reasons. Ranged mobility is OP