Why Can't America revolt into the CSA?

It would be very cool to play as the CSA and the Civil War is an extremely important part of America’s short history.
In response to the inevitable “it’s offensive” post: The USA can recruit black soldiers who were essentially press ganged into the Army at that time. If that is allowed, why is the CSA not? I’m sure there are ways to handle the CSA’s inclusion tactfully. Or do modern sensibilities mean half of the USA is deemed “evil” and cannot be spoken about?


Because they weren’t a separate civilization?

There never was a nation called the CSA, just a bunch of rebels declaring themselves to be a nation. No government recognized them as anything other than U.S. citizens trying to rebel against U.S. legislature.

They were an insurrection, one that was squashed, and they were and still are simply seen as U.S. citizens trying to perform an illegal separation from the U.S. government.


Hungary? Romania? Finland? All nations who are revolts but never actually menaged in the timeline. Hungary in that case is disputable but still.

I am not an advocate for the CSA, but you cant ignore this.

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What’s with all this obsession with the CSA? I don’t get it.


All of those 3 existed as separate entities, languages, customs in a very specific territory. Can’t say the same for CSA.

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while they weren’t independent they where still nations. Dixies aren’t a nationality separate from yankees in the same way.

Thats not what the guy said I was responding to now was it?

Hungarians claimed many territories like transilvania, Slovakia, Croatia ans Serbia. Thats multiple different languages, history and culture. Which according to a nation definition shouldnt be the case as all should be common.

Romania was still devided into a Wallachian and a Moldavian vassal for the main timeframe. Thus not a single nation.

Also a nation is still a lot of the time charecterized as them also having territory.

US on its own isnt a nationality in the timeframe either yet they are in the game arent they?

Talking about Revolutions here, not civilizations.

I think it boils down to 3 major points:

1- USA is not an European civ. for gameplay purpose.
The devs dit not decide to not put the CSA in the game on purpose: USA uses States to Age Up instead of Politicians + Revolutions.

2- Revolutions are not popular.
They would probably need to create 4 new Revolutions for USA (none of the old ones make sense… well maybe USA revolution…lol). I think most players would prefer they dont waste time on this and give us new civs instead.

3- CSA is still mostly about slavery
No amount of historical revisionism is going to change that fact.