Why cant I use two data mods selection, while creating a lobby?

I am right now using 6x custom tech mod for my lobby, but I also want to add KILLS mod too in the same lobby. But I could not make it because the lobby is allowing only one mod to select. Or can we club two mods into a single mod?

I think it is because both data mod are created by changing the same file, so using 2 mods generates a conflict where the game doesnt know which stat to use.

I think you are assuming that the game can compare both files to the original and add the differences, but the game cannot do that.


My understanding (I’m sure someone with more modding experience will correct me if I’m wrong) is that all of the moddable game data is stored in a single file. When you select a data mod, you’re selecting which data file to use for everything. You can’t use two data files simultaneously because they both contain all the data for the game – not just the data that the modder changed.

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