Why can't we build aqueducts over stone walls?

Hello developers,

I find it odd that we can build aqueduct over palisade walls but not over stone walls? This is causing for issues when you want to expand on the map, and if you wish to protect your borders with stone walls, you have to leave one tile open with a hole so that you can build and connect your aqueducts with your cisterns that way and leave it open for enemies to just enter right through it, it makes no sense.

Possible solution:

Make us able to build the aqueducts over the stone walls just like how we can do on palisade walls.

quite sure that limit is intentional, you wouldn’t want your cistern outside the walls yes?

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Then why can you build over palisade walls following your logic?

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Stone wall conduct water so you just need to connect your aqueduct to them

good question, would like to know myself

Wait what! It actually works thanks for the clarification! There is what I know no information that this can be done so hopefully they add it in the description somewhere for people to know.

Edit: Never mind it actually says in the description that it can be connected to stone walls. My bad then :slight_smile:


very interesting, but also logical way of doing it honestly
word of the day: read the tooltips

btw you taking these with your phone?
use win+alt+prtsc to do a screenshot

I’m using print screen via Windows and not my phone :slight_smile:

The coolest thing is that it actually turns all the connected walls into an acqueduct, non just a single portion.

Du you have an HDR monitor?
If yes, use the gamebar for screenshots because that actually works.