Why can't we chat when looking stats

At the end of a game, I like to look at the stats, but when I do I can’t chat anymore. I have to go back to mapview to chat.


I really understand that, specially because that’s possible in AOE 2 DE. IIRC, it was possible even in the original AOE 3, right?


Yes it was possible in original age 3


And even if you return to the mapview, you can’t review the chat posted, while you were in statistics… they fix this soon, hopefully.

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Please fix this.

I am usually not bugged by this since i use discord on the back to talk while playing, but it surely improve most of my interactions with players in unranked games

this is needed so urgently, I mean it is crucial part of the experience to chat about the last 15-240 minutes the players spend together in an intensive fight.
Please add a chat overlay when viewing the stats just like the ingame chat overlay.