Why Captured Mortar now cost 8 pop? Bug?

This is just nonsense, why captured mortar pass to 8 pop each (40 pop just for five of them !!)

Is this intentional or it was a bug? They are not even close to normal mortars to justify that price and pop cost.

If this is intentional then give all native civs the Advanced Captured Mortars card so they can reduce the pop cost at least.


In theory, it’s intentional.

Completely agree with this request.

Hello hamletlopez!
You should check out this post (Why captured mortars cost 8 pop slots?) where another Age Insider by the name of Ekdal1378 brought up the same question.

I gave an answer on that discussion thread as for why the [Captured Mortar] costs 8 population slots.

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It doesn’t seem to be enough to justify the change, they were already outlaws “kind” while being in the Native Embassy building.

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I mean they are captured mortars, so they would never be able to make a bunch of them unless they captured all those mortars somehow. A higher pop space is a way to simulate that.

But I agree that for its stats its not really worth to go for a 8 pop mortar, so probably giving all natives the card to reduce it to 4 or make it an upgrade is best.

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Captured mortars are a janky bandaid solution to natives not being able to deal with excessive walls and fortifications if the extreme late game. They were never meant to have them so they made them excessively population heavy so that players don’t use them unless they are absolutely necessary.

It would be better if they took a more realistic approach to the siege deficiencies of the natives. They could have just given rams to all natives and also changed rams to be more viable.

They were added for treaty purpouses in age 5, where they are a must to counter walls. Costing 8 pop become them useless, going back to legacy times.

Also removing native tag is a nerf for the already weak inca siege cause they have native combat card.

Short words, natives are mostly unplayable. They were behind too cause the lack of anti mass canons. Anyone didnt understand this change, devs didnt explain it neither