Why DE Aztec Hero so SILLY and USELESS?

Too Unfair of Aztec Hero !!!

To show respect to Indians friends, now the skill “friend of nature” cannot use to animals, but why LAKOTA and HANDENOSAUNEE can be compensated by “sharpshooter”, while Aztec received such a Silly and Stupid skill, that is, “Aztec nobles do more damage to treasure guardians in 45 seconds” ???

The more ridiculous is — this skill does not work for heroes :frowning:

This is unfair for Aztec, the change makes Aztec Indians change from one of the strongest Hero to the most useless Hero, which puts Aztec at a huge disadvantage in the early treasure competition !!!

【Please correct the Unfair in the most recent patch.】

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The Aztec war chief’s new ability also applies to the Warrior Priest you start the game with. If you are careful when attacking treasure guardians so that they attack the war chief and not the priest and use the ability, you can take multiple treasures in the Exploration Age that another civ’s hero might not be able to do, since you can just heal the war chief with the priest after each fight.

As an example, let’s say there are two treasures you want to take, one guarded by three wolves and one guarded by three black bears. You attack the wolves first with your war chief and priest, making sure the war chief attacks first so the wolves go for him. You should win the fight with your war chief on very low health, but that’s ok, because the priest heals him. Once he is healed (which doesn’t take long), you head over to the treasure with the three bears and repeat the process, this time activating the war chief’s buff to the priest. You win the fight with the help of the buffed priest, take the treasure and heal the chief again. Any other hero in this scenario would have too little health left after fighting the wolves to immediately move on to the bears and beat them, unless the player has very good micromanagement.

Personally, I think this actually makes the Aztec war chief very valuable in the first age, because not only can you keep hunting treasures in quick succession, you also get double XP from the guardians if the priest kills them. And you can still convert human guardians, which makes the strategy even better, since the priest can heal them too!

what does aztec nobles mean on kind of units?

Aztec nobles include all of the following units: Warrior Priest, Jaguar Prowl Knight, Eagle Runner Knight, Arrow Knight and Skull Knight.

hi, thanks a lot for your attention.

I think your advice is also what designers think.

But in a real players vs players games, the priest all dances for earning xp in the early game, beacuse aztec have only 5 farmer and no more resource box at the beginning. If Aztec have 6 farmer as others, the priest can follow with the hero. But actually, to compensate, the priesr have to earn xp in early game. Besides, Europe can long range attack, skilled player can earn treasurement with hero bearing no damage or less damage. The treatment is not an useful advantage if priest follows with hero, not to mention heros have been all move during which he can not be treatment.

I was Lieutenant Colonel and love in Aztec in ESO, but now i have fall in huge disadvantage especially early in the game. Before change, AZ is one of the strongest civ in earn treasurement, but now, AZ is the weakest.

I hope a new really useful skill or other change to compensate the loss of “friend of nature”

Yeah, true, things are different in high level PvP. I speak as someone who mostly plays skirmishes or against friends who aren’t that good, so the new design works nicely there. I can imagine that it doesn’t work as well in PvP online.

not including heros, but only the priest.

But as we all know, the AZ priest all dances to earn xp. So the new skill is useless and cannot compensate the loss of “friend of nature”