Why did Age of Empires III "suck"?



I have more sense than attack with a sword and other melee weapons


I suppose several different animations could have been put in place, but i certainly believe the torching animation is good. It lets more units attack the building at once, instead of hugging the bulding and smacking it with a sword.

But still, thanks for the input!


If im honest, the campaign was a little lacking, but i did have fun with it none the less.


I agree. I had never played the multiplayer until quite recently (my cousin gave me a cracked game back in the day) and i found it difficult to find games based on my HC level :frowning:


I believe this model was maintained was to make sure that players played so that their rank doesnt decrease. Honestly, if someone hasn’t played age of empires 3 for like a year their skill level is going to be slightly worse than what they were when they left.

Touching on the musketeer statement, strelets are my favourite unit (always play as russians)
My tactic is to send the streltsy in first before my heavier infantry (using them as a meat shield)
Musketeers are good for guarding heavy cannons in my opinion.


You left out a couple of games, but I forgive you.


Question is, why would you ever find games based on HC level? It does not indicate skill whatsoever, you should always find players of similar rank to play with and you can use the XPMOD to level up your HCs instantly.


the issue that i’m attempting to outline is that too many players believe that HC level = skill level. ive been kicked from several games due to this :frowning:


AoM and AoE:O right?


yeah. for starters. the other aoe games weren’t proper PC RTS games, so they don’t really count


i completely overlooked Castle Siege. It doesn’t really have an age feel, except for the historical aspect, of which isn’t completely unlocked from the start. Not saying i dislike Castle Siege, its just that it doesn’t deserve to wear the Age of Empires Name.


Hehe, Thanks. I think everyone wants to forget those games.


It was. a Clash of Clanes clone.


First off, I love AOE 3 as a BEAUTIFUL game, both in visuals and in sound design. I find it relaxing to play single player and watch the little things, like the lighting and fish and building destruction.

But outside the campaign, it doesn’t really feel like an Age of Empires game. Resource management is very different. Maybe it’s because I’ve never really played with other people, but random maps/death matches just seem bland-- things happen so fast that it feels like it’s more about a build order and APM than about strategy.
On a spectrum of Starcraft to Civ, AOE strikes a great balance in the middle. But AOE 3 feels more SC than the others.


I really enjoyed AoE III, and I like that Ensemble tried something different rather than just making another AoE II set in a later period. I think it had the right mix of classic Age gameplay and new/interesting features.

My only complaints were that I preferred the AoE/AoE II style of historical campaigns, and I didn’t like that the expansions focused on ‘native’ civs.


It was a good game overall, i grew up playing aoe games and 3 was one of my favorites, i love rts games.


Personally, i used the natives for giving me a reason to build a blockhouse near it and trade routes (super op). you can essentially get the same regular units or better ones than the native variants. It has potential though.


There must be an option regarding adjusting all background voices.