Why did my ELO rating drop 50 points when I won the game?

Can someone explain how my ELO rating on DE continues to drop evey time I win a game, what’s up with that. If I lose does it go up?

because the elo has been bugged since ages and if you change the format, i.e color or team, it messes up the elo calculation. It is too bad. The bug has not been fixed by the devs so far. :frowning:

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Funny fact. Elo rating worked just fine on old Microsoft store version. Come on guys, fix the elo rating bugs. Or else its too hard to keep competitive players playing. Fix the bugs mentioned and adjust the ladders. Only 1x1 and team game.

I can confirm my ELO rating dropped after winning too. Not sure what causes it, but it pissed me off. Bugs like this should have been fixed eons ago.

this will be fixed in the next upcoming update scheduled for next week.