Why did the dev buffed the perfectly fine unit boyars?

Devs what was the reasoning behind this? Boyars needs to be countered and you can’t give them high melee armor and high pierce armor.

I am currently watching the tournament ON THE OLD PATCH and the boyars counter both cav archers and knights. They already trade fairly well against pikes and quite good against archers but there was no reason to buff them vs archers.
The match of the tournament is finished and the Boyars won the game because of their armor archer fires don’t counter them much and they are free to raid.
I get that maybe the idea was that you could use them more but is it necessary to overpower things?

they have same counters as paladin dont overreact becous of one game. They are totaly balanced


Really? Did we see the same game? Their raids are more powerful than knights because 3 boyars can take a lot of pikemans.

pike counter cav when they have similar numbers and they trade cost efective. Boyar dont have an outregus attack the only thing that they do is counter paladin. Camels, Pikes and Halbs counter them becous they have high bonus attack still.
If that surpised you do you know about cataphract?


And did you read my post? They counter paladin and also do better than them from every counter paladin have. There was no reason to buff them against archers.
And this same tournament shows my point against bombards too.

They counter more than just paladin. They decimate non-spear line infantry.

I don’t think the pierce armor upgrade makes them that crazy. Halbs do fine against them on a cost by cost basis—not a unit by unit basis obviously. People thinking unit by unit should counter wins a lot of paladin games when they throw away their 10 Halbs at a time against 30 paladins.

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they are still weak to archer and standart cav counters they have 30 less hp

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Based on all your threads i think you just dont really know the counter system of AoE II very well.

I will advice you to watch those guides. It is really helpfull to understand all counters. I pick something the wrong counters too. That is no reason to blame the game, but a reason to get better.

For the Boyar, i dont really know why the devs buffed them in recents patch, but probably because they wanna see the Boyar more often. I agree they are pretty strong now, but i dont really thing they are overpowered at the moment.


yeah they are balanced now. you still shouldnt make them in about 80% of the games so we dont need to worry

I am free to comment on every thread i want. If i like the idea, i am allowed to post it. If i think the idea is crappy, i can just say that. If you cant handle resistance to your idea, please go away. If you post here some ideas, you can expect response. Some will agree, other wont. Just deal with it. If you cant deal dislike your ideas, just stop making this threads. I do nothing wrong by posting my point of view based on arguments and supported with sources.

I like how all negative response to your threads are labeled as ‘useless things’ by you. I just agree with the counters of @GiggyMoss367211 and i added some guides of Spirit of the Law with a list with counters to all kind of units so that someone who dont know the counters, can have a look. I really dont understand why this is a ‘useless thing’ to this thread. Isnt this thread not about how to counter the Boyar? And if it dont really has much counters, do it need a nerf? So i just give my point of view with some sources. I dont know why you think that is not directly related to your idea. Instead of posting something directly related to my point of view of the idea in this thread, you post some kind of personal attack to me. This has nothing to do with this thread. So please dont write.

I know this game already from it’s release in 1999. Your claim of playing the game before i knew the existence is thus only true if you were part of some beta test. Otherwise you are wrong, again.


In Which game boyars where used?

recent red bull turnament yo(slavs) vs Laaaaan(magyars) game 2

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If boyars were like cataphracts which has resistance to halbs did bonus versus infantry(catas must have low pierce armor or else they are just impossible to counter) than I would have agreed its not like they are invincible to halbs or camels they are just slightly better(their melee armor helps but +27+18 bonus of halbs and camels definitly main killer here not their base melee dmg) than paladins in that regard I think thats ok because massing them is really hard already(80 gold per unit, need castles etc).

and cata do bonus dmg to spear line (all infantry). wich boyar doesnt

Not really, there are moderators to assure that you don’t go off topic. You can reply all you want staying on the threads topic or you can ignore if you don’t wanna discuss about that, something i wrote. You are not free to write whatever you want in a thread.

Because we are discussing about boyars and not counters to units. No, this thread is about buffing boyars when they were fine. Like, if you actually read the title, you would know.

Really? Your forum date refers to you here from like 1 month. What were you doing then?

But we see that they are already good. They are slower now but much more tankier. 1 pierce armor is huge.

no befor the update they were just more expensive cavalier, that is harder to produce. now they can be used but they are close to OP

Ofcourse i mean i am free to post what i want within the forum rules. If you feel like my posts are inappropriate, just use the report button, so a moderator can have a look at it. If the staff agree, they will take measures. Until now i dont have recieved any message from the staff in which is stated my posts are inappropriate for what reason it may be. Afaik i just response to the topic of the thread and it isnt offtopic. This discussion about off topic is even more off topic.

There is really a difference between when I joined this forum and when i start playing AoE II. I have the original, HD and now also DE.