Why did the grammatical tense used in the Steam achievements change for Dynasties of India?

I know this is kind of a strange topic, but has anyone noticed how the grammatical tense changed for the achievements? If you look, every Steam achievement pre-DoI uses present text. For example “Win a game as the Britons”. All of the achievements from DoI however use past tense instead, for example “Won a game as the Dravidians”. This is most irritating personally with the “King of the Seas” achievement, because “Sunk 10 enemy ships with Thirisadais as the Dravidians” sounds a lot stranger than “Sink 10 enemy ships with Thirisadais as the Dravidians”. I know most of you probably don’t care, but does this annoy anyone else?


@IkoKnight8151, can we get anything about this, or maybe have it changed? Also, while I’m on the topic, do you knoe why some of the DLC civs use their civ emblem now as their achievement victory icon, but almost all of them use their UU instead?

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oh damn, i hadn’t noticed before. but now it bothers me as well
(btw it says ‘sank 10 enemy ships […]’ not ‘sunk 10 enemy ships as the dravidians’)

I think they must have changed it then, because I definitely remember it saying sunk instead, because of how badly it annoyed me.

Past tense is grammaticly correct since you have already done the achievment when you get the mark. Its just a way to make it more personal I guess. :sunglasses:

That only makes sense after you have already gotten the achievement though. It’s also a complete change from any previous achievements.

i dont think we are arguing over which one is better, but it would be nicer if they were consistent

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I kind of wish it could be present tense, and then when you complete it, it switches to past tense.

4 new civs used the emblem instead of the UU as a victory achievement (Bohemians, Poles, Gurjaras and Dravidians)
Not sure why Bengalis used the Ratha instead
Also, the old Indians, new Hindustanis, used the Elephant Archer as a victory achievement, it should be changed to the new Ghulam

The Past Tense isn’t grammatically correct, but not really grammatically incorrect either.
Achievements often use the Imperative which tasks you to do something.
For instance, “Bring out the trash please”. The achievements tell you that you have to do certain tasks to unlock them, which sounds a lot nicer than using the Simple Past.

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Thanks for this, we are now tracking this issue!